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“I just want to say thanks for your environmentally friendly approach to cleaning. I was looking for such eco-friendly service for a long time. I have asthma, so I try not to use toxic cleaning products in my office. Your green cleaning service was really great. Look forward to my scheduled cleaning day!”
“This was the 1st time we ever used a cleaning service and we are totally satisfied with the results. This company has been recommended to us by our neighbour who has used them for 5 months. I should admit that the cleaners were not so fast while cleaning, but they paid exceptional attention to details. I definitely can recommend them to my friends.”
“I have used other cleaning service in the past, and had problems with their “custom friendly” service. Not the case with GN Cleaning. They are very professional and do quality work. Now my office is sparkling clean each and every time.”
“I really like this company and my cleaning team is great. They have been cleaning my house and office for a couple of months now and am very pleased. My mirrors shine and my carpets and rugs look like new ones. That’s so great. Thanks!”

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